About Maana

We are leveraging technology to help us serve society transparently


We believe that charity should be transparent so that you know your contributions are being put to good use

Our vision & mission

We believe that with modern tools and systems, Maana foundation can provide robust, transparent and effective contribution solutions which can improve the lives of beneficiaries and donors.

  • Complete transparency in all contributions.
  • Proof of delivery in every contribution.
  • Support the causes you care for.

With modern tools and systems, Maana foundation is an organisation on a mission to, educate, employ and empower those who have an insatiable desire to do so but lack the necessary resources.

Contribute in kind or in cash to the causes you care for, and monitor each contribution you make have the impact you wanted. With Maana's total transparency contributions, you are in control of how your contributions are put to use.

Highlights from our latest campaigns

We focus on child education & women empowerment

Back to school

We organised stock raising campaigns of stationery and school bags to send kids to school.

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Build libraries

We collected story books worth reading and shared them with underprivileged kids.

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Tribal art

We brought the best of Indian tribal art from Maharashtra & Madhya Pradesh to our donors.

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We brought the best handicrafts made by the differently abled from rural Maharashtra.

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We believe that charity should be impactful and impact should be measurable for all to verify

We measure success in impact

Charity without measureable impact is inefficient and unsustainable. It is our understanding that donors want to measure the impact their contributions have had on human lives.

  • Measurable KPIs on each campaign.
  • Proof of delivery in every contribution.
  • Beneficiary feedback for measuring campaign success.

Maana backs causes which support child education and women empowerment. We believe education leads to employment and employment empowers societies.

We believe that charity should be impactful and impact should be measurable for all to verify

We work with education and empowerment of women and children in rural India

We measure success in sustainability

We focus on child education, tribal and village youth empowerment and employment generation for low income group women. We emphasize on reuse and recycle in all our causes.

  • Sustainable solutions in each campaign.
  • Empowering people to ensure longevity of campaigns.
  • Reusable & recycable solutions to generalise problems.

We also support other other social service groups for diverse activities, especially in tribal areas such as solar power generation, irrigation, water purification and several other income generation campaigns.

Charity begins at home, but it should not end there.