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Someone's school hand-me-downs could be someone else's new beginning

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School stationery

Our aim is to distribute stationery to students who don’t have what they need to actively participate in their learning at school on a daily basis

We accept donations of basic stationery items (new or partially used, not old and ragged) at several drop off points across Dubai & Sharjah. From there our volunteers put together kits for primary school and kits for high school students, ship them to India and distribute them to kids in need via our partner schools*.

*We go to underpriviliged communities and identify our partner schools personally. We are not financially affiliated with our partner schools


After a quick quality check, we ship this inventory to India, directly to our partner shools.

  • Notebooks
    A4, A5
  • Dictionary
    English, Hindi, Marathi
  • Writing pads
    Plastic, wooden
  • Loose sheets of blank paper
    Any size
    Our recycling partners make them into books
  • Graph papers
    Books, loose sheets
  • Drawing books
    Books, loose sheets
  • Pencils
    Any thickness
    More than 8cms long
  • Ballpoint pens
    Blue, black
  • Crayons
    Boxes, loose
  • Sharpners & Erasers
  • Punches
    Paper hole punches
  • Clips & Staples
    Paper clips, staplers
  • Paints & brushes
    Wet paint, not dry
  • Scissors & Glue
  • Stamp pads & ink
    Blue, black
  • Post-it notes
  • Geometry box
    Rulers, compass, protractors, rulers, dividers
  • Calculators

Some of these things are un-reusable whilst others pose a risk of harm to students or are subject to excise tax.

  • School uniforms
    Some common colors, like blue, white, etc. will be stocked in our School uniforms campaigns
  • Encyclopaedias
    Will be stocked in our Build libraries campaigns
  • Foreign language books
    We are currently only working with English, Hindi & Marathi medium schools
  • Laboratory equipment
    Possible health risk to students & volunteers
  • Computer equipment
    Currently poses excise tax, due to the scale of operations. Possible in the future
  • DVDs, CDs, other electronic storages
    Most partner schools do not have appropriate devices to run these mediums
  • Used & ragged anything
    If your child is unable to use something, other children wouldn't be able to use it either
  • Text books & curriculum books
    We do not endorse any curriculum

If you wish to recommend a school, contact us and if they pass our criteria, we will induct them.

  • Vasant vihar high school
    Vasant Vihar, Pokhran road 2, Thane west
    High school, junior college
  • Vasant vihar high school
    Vasant Vihar, Pokhran road 2, Thane west
    High school, junior college
  • Vasant vihar high school
    Vasant Vihar, Pokhran road 2, Thane west
    High school, junior college

Our impact

Maana's previous consignments are already improving lives

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